Column October 2016

Personalised Health care in Primary Health Care

Anyone looking to study abroad should consider the Erasmus exchange programme for it offers excellent opportunities in primary care/family medicine. It is a very exciting journey and it is also a very sensitive one. We have to be fully aware where student and mentor would like to land. The big discussion we see nowadays in medical schools is of personalised care. If we are not carefully addressing the agenda of primary care it might be hijacked by medical technology, administration, referring …. We are aiming to apply personalised agenda in a context with the person/family and community. The primary health care is seen as a part of larger contextualisation of health care. It is threat and opportunity. It is also part of the larger supportive field. It is a team approach and community oriented approach.

NPHC should give much to the complexity at the undergraduate level of education. We combine present knowledge to students, practice reality; we give empirical wisdom which was not tested enough. The exercise which we do in primary care is to connect the academic world to practice work.

Our mission is to empower primary health care by international Erasmus exchange of students.

Prof. Danica Rotar Pavlic, MD, PhD

President of NPHC