Clerkship at University of Gent

The new curriculum is problem-based and is divided in blocks. Herein, knowledge, skills and attitudes are taught focussing on medical topics and themes, rather than on medical disciplines.
Clerkship is a very important part of the General Practice teaching. In year four of the curriculum, the students have a four week course of general practice including one week clerkship. In the sixth year, there is a compulsory three week clerkship in primary care for every student.

The studyperiod for clerkships is 3 months from August 1st till Februari 15th

When students apply for a clinical clerkship, they are 14 days in a public health service like youth health, 14 days in a department of mental health and 2 months in general practice, preferably in 2 different settings e.g., solo practice, duo or grouppractice or community health centre. Every 14 days, on friday they come back to the department for reflection.