Braga University of Minho





Participating Institute

University of Minho – School of Medicine
Department Community Health
Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga, Portugal

Why study at University of Minho?

This is a relatively new School of Medicine, opened in 2001, with an innovative program of teaching. Here, the students assume the most important role in the teaching/learning process, as they frequently assume the teaching responsibility.
The University of Minho is now investing much effort in exchange programs, as we value them as an important way of growing in science.
Our course is composed of 6 years, during which students stay important amounts of time in primary health care facilities.

Braga is considered to have the youngest population of the whole country. This is mainly due to the important influence of the University of Minho and the constant presence of young students. It is located near other important cities as Porto (the closest airport) and Guimarães (a very beautiful and historical city).

What is possible?

  1. Clerkship
  2. Research Elective

Period of study: at least 3 month but any amount of time is possible

Necessary Language Skills:

At least, B2 level in English