Participating Institute

The Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
Box 400
405 30 Gothenburg

Why study at University of Gothenburg?
The Sahlgrenska Academy is the faculty of health sciences at the University of Gothenburg. Education and research are conducted within the fields of pharmacy, medicine, odontology and health care sciences.
In many fields, research at Sahlgrenska Academy is of the highest international class.

What is possible:

  1. Clinical clerkships
  2. Research electives

Semester periods: 1st of September to 15th of January and 15th of February to about 20th of June. During one study year 4 courses in Community medicine is given- during any of these periods an Erasmus student can participate.
Electives are possible outside of these terms, at any time.
For information about application:
Application deadline for Autumn semester is May 15
Application deadline for Spring semester is November 15

Necessary language skills:
Swedish doctors understand English quite well; some do as well understand French and German. For the studies and the two weeks at the health centre, it is necessary that the applicant speaks a bit of Swedish. Many patients do also speak English, but most have Swedish as their only language. The international secretary in Göteborg can give advise on intensive courses in Swedish before or during the period.

Assistance in housing:
Please contact the Student Housing Services at: